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SEO & website development for
elite medical, dental & legal practices

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Outsmart your competition
with a superior strategy

Every move we make on behalf of your business is part of a strategy based on the most credible data regarding your market, your competition, search engine algorithms, and the performance of your own marketing strategy.

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Dominate your market
with superior technology

We build sites that load in an instant so your users are never left waiting. Our cutting-edge infrastructure, backed by our in-house engineering team, ensures your site will have an outstanding user experience and SEO performance. 

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Increase your revenue
with superior products

From web pages that are actually worth reading to captivating blog posts and paid local listings that gain user trust, our products are carefully crafted to be 10 times better than those of our competitors.

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Over 30 years of success for elite practices

In the 1990s, we introduced our first nationwide marketing campaigns for the Elective Healthcare and Legal Industries. We began advertising on major search engines such as AOL, Alta Vista, Excite, Goto, Hotbot, Infoseek, Lycos, Looksmart, Webcrawler, and Netscape. At that time, the World Wide Web did not work well for local businesses. Our exclusive directories were designed to funnel global search traffic to our local service providers. Today, we continue to develop the most innovative solutions for the most elite practices in the world.

Outsmart your competition
with superior strategy

Our proprietary eIQ Recommendation Engine gathers information from multiple apps to combine data into a single source, providing us with real-time insights and recommendations for our clients. Find out which page topics and keywords will help you get the best traffic and conversions for your specialty and location, and learn how your top competitors are achieving their results. Then, with the help of our SEO experts, we help you make profitable decisions to grow your practice and online presence.

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Our strategy enables you
to take up more real estate on Google

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Organic Results

You want to take advantage of all the ranking opportunities on Google. High rankings in the organic search results are a top priority. We may recommend boosting the word count on a page to meet the criteria set in your market or creating new pages to achieve better organic rankings.

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Local Results

Almost half of Google searches have local intent. We capture these quality leads with robust profile creation and accurate category selection for your GBP profile. This can help you outperform your competition and bring your local and organic strategies into alignment.

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Google Ads

Our strategic Google Ads campaigns broaden your visibility at the lowest possible cost per click and cost per lead. By combining ads with integrated organic and local SEO, we can help you take up more high-value real estate on Google and increase your click-through rates.

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"Our new website is easy to use and patients love it. During Covid we have had many old patients find us online and many more that are new.  Being properly indexed makes all the difference."

Dr. Joe Cribbins

Dominate your market
with superior technology

Great technology is the foundation of any successful online marketing campaign. Without strong technical SEO, your website’s chances of achieving high rankings continue to diminish as Google changes its algorithm. At Einstein, we understand the critical role that an advanced website build plays in your ability to appear on the first page of Google’s organic results, as well as how your website can affect your ability to appear in local and paid results. With our elite, in-house engineering team and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can continuously respond to Google’s algorithmic changes, deliver your website content quickly, and accurately connect your data across all of your online marketing platforms.

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in-house engineering team

Information Technology

We use the products, tools, and services that allow us to perform our tasks at the highest level and maintain the highest possible server uptime in the industry.

DevOps Team

We release new versions of our products seamlessly, with stability and speed that our competitors can’t match.

Back End Developers

We use the most current programming languages and technologies to deliver optimized code for search and page speed.

Front End Developers

With a great user experience, simple user interface, and better accessibility, consumers can easily interact with your website so they stay on your pages instead of competitors’ sites.

UI/UX Developers

We design the flow of the layout and incorporate calls to action to encourage users to contact your practice, improving your conversion rates.

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versatile infrastructure

DevOps Infrastructure as Code Philosophy

We use sandbox deployments on a large scale in environments that are repeatable, reliable, and consistent. This allows us to be extremely agile and responsive to the changing market conditions.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services is the most comprehensive and popular cloud platform in the world. We use this service to deliver websites and web applications quickly, reliably, and securely.

Data Lake

We store search data, including search behavior, analytics from multiple specialties and geography, and more. This allows us to develop predictive modeling in order to develop the most effective search products in the industry.

Microservices Architecture 

Our software development approach creates a development environment that is secure, scalable, agile, and more streamlined. We develop fully functional, autonomous applications that offer a higher uptime and better performance.

Our technology improves your visibility on Google

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Insights into
Google algorithms

Google changes its algorithms daily. Our streamlined microservices architecture allows us to respond to Google's algorithmic changes quicker and more efficiently than our competitors.

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Lightning-fast website
& content delivery

Page speed (how quickly your page loads) is a critical ranking factor. Our websites maintain low Google First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL) scores for fast loading times and low bounce rates.

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Integrated, accurate
& data-informed

We align and connect data across online marketing platforms. Your website topics correspond with your local GBP profile and other external sources, improving relevance and trust.

SERP results SERP results

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"In less than a year I have improved my ranking by 3 pages on a google search and have seen a ~150% increase in website traffic over my previous year. In marketing with Einstein I was able to see results immediately."

Dr. Robert Zboril

Increase your revenue
with superior products

Einstein websites are routinely updated to keep up with changes to Google’s algorithms and ensure that you always have a strong technical foundation in place. Our strategy engine provides data-driven recommendations so you can compete in your market. The final component that we offer is great marketing products that perform better than your competition. At Einstein, our expert team can add targeted premium web pages that speak to users’ needs, improve your organic rankings, and bring in more leads. We can also expand your strategy to include local SEO, custom videos and photos, Google Ads, and social media, further increasing your visibility and trust with consumers and Google.

Marketing strategy foundation Marketing strategy foundation
Marketing strategy foundation

Einstein websites
are your SEO foundation

  • Optimized code for performance, speed, and search
  • State-of-the-art technology and data infrastructure
  • Modern design and branding updates

Your website is the foundation of your SEO strategy, and it needs to be built to last. Einstein's websites are consistently auto-updated to evolve with the search engines so your site has the best chance to rank and convert. Unlike other systems, we can scale and adapt quickly as your practice grows in an ever-changing SEO landscape.

Marketing strategy foundation

Premium SEO Content
produces great search results

  • Driven by the eIQ Recommendations Engines
  • Comprehensive pages that outperform competitors
  • High-quality media assets to enhance the user experience
  • Actionable analytics and performance reporting

Simply having content isn’t enough in today’s online marketplace. If you really want more phone calls and emails from quality leads, you need Premium SEO Content designed to keep searchers engaged and produce higher-than-average conversion rates. Our world-class team of writers and designers creates stunning pages that consistently rank in the top Google search engine results. 

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Local SEO
generates qualified leads

  • A hybrid paid and organic approach that gains user trust
  • Simultaneous visibility in local and organic search results
  • Fully optimized Google Business Profiles
  • Alignment between your website and GBP data

46% of Google’s searches have a local intent, and when search engines see that a search is local, they show local results above the regular listings. Imagine seeing your business listed at the top of the local search results, and then again at the top of the organic results. By combining the local and organic approach, you can gain more trust among users and provide more opportunities for customers to reach out to your practice.

Paid media versus no Google Ads results

Google Ads
boosts traffic & opportunities

  • Ad strategy, copy, design, and deployment
  • Constant campaign monitoring and ROI optimization
  • Focused SEO pages that align with your campaign
  • Lower cost per click

Google Ads can help you gain visibility at the top of Google’s search results in a matter of minutes, but you need a strategic campaign with targeted keywords, locations, demographics, and other factors. Einstein Industries provides all of this and more so you can achieve more impressions and higher click-through rates while also reducing your budget. Our highly trained Google Ads team attends industry conferences and completes ongoing training to stay up-to-date on how paid search engine ad tactics continue to evolve. 

Marketing strategy foundation

Custom videos & photos
inspire better conversions

  • Videos with high production value & quality editing
  • Premier Google Virtual Tour of your practice
  • Professional high-definition photography
  • Increased lead engagement & conversions

Einstein will partner with you to optimize how you own, promote, and build your brand. We make it easy to invest in professionally produced videos, photography, and virtual tours with vetted vendors who have experience in your industry. Take your conversion strategy to another level and allow potential leads to get to know you before they even pick up the phone or leave their home. 

Marketing strategy foundation

Social media
amplifies your presence

  • Regular posts to your social media channels
  • Builds trust and engagement with your followers
  • Connected data among all your SEM components

Social media is an off-page SEO component that can complement your internet marketing strategy. You can leverage your social media accounts to update your customers on practice news via connected blog posts, post photos or information about the results you have achieved at your practice, and connect with your customers on a more routine basis.

Our products give you
superior results you can see

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Outsmart your competition

Online marketing is more competitive than ever before, and the competition intensifies every day. Our strategy, technology, and products allow you to have an online strategy that consistently outperforms your competitors.

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Dominate your market

Einstein has developed data-inspired products that captivate users and maintain high visibility on Google. We have multiple superior products that help you occupy more SERP positions and dominate more high-value real estate on Google.

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Increase your revenue

When you partner with us, you can trust that every product in your strategy has been carefully crafted for success today and in the future, bringing in more customers and a higher ROI. Rely on our team to help you build your brand and online presence.

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